Al-Shabaab militants overrun Kenyan police outpost


Horn Diplomat-Over 100 al-Shabaab militants attacked and overpowered a Kenyan police station on Saturday, the latest in a series of attacks by the Somalia-based militant group.

Police confirmed that the early-morning attack took place in the north-eastern town of Wajir, about 50 kilometers (31 miles) from the porous Kenya-Somalia border.

Confirming the attack, Kenya’s Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinett told local media that his officers at Diff Police Station put up a strong fight but were forced aside by the militants who looted weapons and ammunition.

Confirming the attack to Anadolu Agency was Wajir County Commissioner Michael Ole Tialal who said local residents told the authorities that the militants were speaking Swahili, one of Kenya’s two national languages.

The attack comes after the al-Qaeda affiliate released a propaganda video on attacks on police in Kenya on Wednesday during Eid celebrations.

In the 38-minute video the militants can be seen lying in wait to ambush police vehicles in Lamu County, Kenya. The rebels manage to hijack a number of vehicles, burning those damaged in the firefight before using the others to proceed into Kenya, masquerading as police officers.

On July 1 in Mandera, northern Kenya, the militants also ambushed two Nairobi-bound buses killing six people, including a police officer. This occurred in the same area where, on June 20, the militants blew up a police vehicle, killing five officers.


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