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Saturday, December 10, 2022
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Op-Ed: Quick Commentary on Prime Minister Abiy’s Visit to Somali Regional State

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali visited today into Somali Region to see the people displaced by the severe drought that is unfolding in the Region that some of them are currently at Kabribayah,
By: Abdiaziz Ali Hussein Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali visited today into Somali Region to see the people displaced by the severe drought that is unfolding in the Region that some of them are currently at Kabribayah, a 50 KM away from Jigjiga,...

Reflections on the discussion about Somaliland Recognition at House of Commons, UK

Dr. Jama Musse Jama, PhD
By:Dr. Jama Musse Jama, PhD | @JamaMusse The UK parliament hosted a debate on the 18th of January 2022 about the political recognition of Somaliland as a sovereign state. The debate was organized and led by the Rt Honourable Gavin Williamson MP, a Member of...

Somaliland Democracy Prevailed

Old woman casts her vote in Buroa , Credit adnan abdo
By Mohamed Adan Samatar The Republic of Somaliland entered the New Year, 2022 a period of constitutional ambiguity, stemming from an announcement made by the minister of information Mr. Koore during ceremonial speech saying that the terms of the existing political parties and licenses are...

Somaliland’s quest for recognition: UK debate offers hint of a sea change

Somaliland’s newfound strategic importance has been both a gift and a curse. GettyImages
Matthew Gordon, SOAS, University of London While the rest of the Horn of Africa region is making waves on the battlefield, the tiny, self-declared republic of Somaliland has been having its presence felt where representative democracy and open debate lurk. In the halls of the UK...

Op-Ed: Politics in Peril: Is Somaliland’s democracy suffering at the hands of the opposition

Somaliland Global Diaspora forum calls President and Political parties to respect the will of the people
By:Abdikarim Saed Salah   The Minister of Information, Culture & National Guidance, Mr. Sulaiman Ali Kore, has announced that it’s time for citizens to exercise their political rights to form political parties and associations based on the Law of Political Parties & Associations, LR.14. The Minister has...

From Berbera to Berea College in the US : A Road Less Travelled

Berea College
By:Mostaphe Abdikadir Mohamud Born and bred in Somaliland, I recently moved to the United States to embark upon my college career at a highly selective liberal arts college, a move I never would have made had I not dreamed big and came up with the...

On the Horn of Africa, a tiny ‘country’ has Congress’ ear

Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu (right) and his then-counterpart from Somaliland, Yasin Hagi Mohamoud, shake hands after signing an agreement in Taipei on Feb. 26, 2020. | Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs via AP
By: POLITICO Somaliland's delegation swept through Washington, promising to support Taiwan and ditch China. All it wants is a little recognition. As China floods Africa with billions of dollars in development aid, massive infrastructure investment, and even talk of a new military base, a tiny East...

Op-Ed: About the Voice of the Future: Yaxye Yeebaash

Yaxye Yeebaash
By Amina Isir In the shadows of a society and people married to traditional ways of governing and existing, youth in Somaliland are speaking out and claiming their futures. Yaxye Yeebaash, a young poet, motivational speaker and content producer is one of these beacons of...

Op-Ed: The Challenges Faced by Arab Refugees in Hargeisa and the Way Forward

Nizar Foazi, the CEO of a local organization called Yemeni Community, brought his entire family from Yemen to Somaliland after the outbreak of war in early 2015. The extended family of 22 now lives in Hargeisa. Ashley Hamer
By:Abdirahman Ali Abstract Later 2015 and since the Arab Spring more than a million women, men and children have undertaken dangerous journeys to reach a various areas such as northern European countries, America and Some part of east African countries such as Djibouti, Somalia and Somaliland...

Appeal: Emergency ambulances for the people of Somaliland

Appeal: Emergency ambulances for the people of Somaliland
Imagine you are a young woman living in the rural outskirts of Hargeisa. You find yourself in labour – your baby is coming now! and you urgently and desperately need medical help. The only form of transportation is by foot, the nearest medical clinic...