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Saturday, December 10, 2022
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Op-Ed: Somaliland’s informal institutions: challenges and opportunities

Somaliland Flag
According to North, informal institutions such as norms, routines, and political processes are more durable than formal rules. There is no single viewpoint on the genesis of institutions. Similarly, there are numerous explanations for why institutions fail to function efficiently and under what conditions...

Op-Ed: State subversion: how Somalia perfected the art of subversion and deploys it against Somaliland

Somaliland and somali flags
By:Mustafa Ahmed Qosol been ah fool wada qayaxan qiil an garanaayo Booraan afkii laga qafiley qabarna hooseeyo Qusur oodan shebeg laysu qubay qoolad iyo xeelad Qullaab iyo kullaab iyo lacaaf laysku qabanaayo Qayaamada kobtaa daahiraan qun ugu soo jeedo Doqon baa halkii lagu qatali qoorta soo dhigane Maanaa mindiyo lay qarshaa...

Hargeisa Knows How To Rise from The Ashes: We Will Remake It Again

Dr Sada Mire, Director of Horn Heritage Foundation, provides a compelling personal reflection on the Waaheen market, which she has a long history with.
Dr Sada Mire, Director of Horn Heritage Foundation, provides a compelling personal reflection on the Waaheen market, which she has a long history with.  Over the past thirty years, Hargeisa has become a beautiful city thanks to Somaliland’s...

Op-Ed: Taiwan the gateway of Somaliland to U.S.

Photo: Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu (right) and his Somaliland counterpart Yasin Hagi Mohamoud (left) shake hands after signing an agreement on setting up representative offices in their respective country on Feb 26, 2020 in Taipei City. (Source: Somaliland MFA)
By:Abdirahman Mustafe Ali On 26 Feb.2020 the government of Somaliland and the government of Taiwan signed a bilateral protocol agreement between the two countries. This was seen as  a forward step for Somaliland diplomacy...

Somaliland’s case: Why should the U.S be truthful to its founding principles & support a sovereign Somaliland?!

President bihi capital hill
By: Abdisalam Rageh For more than hundreds of years, the U.S., under its declaration of independence, chose to employ unique attributes and values that have remained over the years to be the guiding principles of the American assertion of statehood. Values that so many people...

Somaliland: claiming our narratives

People wave flags as soldiers and other military personnel of Somalia's breakaway territory of Somaliland march past during an Independence Day celebration parade in the capital, Hargeisa on May 18, 2016. MOHAMED ABDIWAHAB/AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES
By: Zahra Jbril So, you have been seeing Somaliland has been trending social media and wondering who, where and what is #Somaliland; below is a short summary to get you up to date. Somaliland encompasses the territory of the former British Protectorate (bordered by Djibouti to...

Fake news from aid agencies causes real hardship

WorldRemit founder and CEO Ismail Ahmed took the stage at TechCrunch Disrupt London to talk about his company and his views on the future of remittances.
By: Ismail Ahmed When aid agencies push false narratives to make a case for funding, it’s not just accuracy that’s the casualty. It’s the people that suffer, in very real terms. Recently, Save the Children reported that 90% of families in Somaliland and Somalia were no...

Reflecting on my rewarding journey in oxford

Jama Ismail Noor Senior Consultant providing tailored consultancy services on organisational leadership, strategy, project/portfolio management, and project evaluations. He has almost 15 years' experience in leading and managing development/humanitarian programmes, and corporates across Africa and the Middle East. In the past, he has worked with international development companies/INGOs, such as DAI Global, Adam Smith International, Mercy Corps, and Oxfam International. His private sector experience includes his most recent role as the Regional Director, East and Central Africa, for Dahabshiil Group of Companies. Jama is also a social entrepreneur, co-founding organisations like Inspire Group Africa and Primmo Consulting.
By JAMA NOOR I’ve always dreamt of studying at Oxford University, and that dream came true when I began my studies at Saïd Business School. After being accepted onto the Postgraduate Diploma in Organisational Leadership, I was initially reluctant to start the course immediately due to...

Op-Ed: Somaliland Importance on the Hydro-Geographic Location and the New HAGA Region (Horn of Africa and Gulf of Aden)

Somaliland Flag
By:Dr. Ridwan Osman Mohamed Somaliland History Somaliland is a de facto sovereign state that lies in the Horn of Africa and the Gulf of Aden with 5.7 million populations, 176,120 km2 areas, and 850.800 km2 coastlines. Somaliland was a distinct region dating back to the late 1888th before...

Somaliland: The registration of political associations is a constitutionally protected political right

Somaliland Global Diaspora forum calls President and Political parties to respect the will of the people
By: Yousef Timacade Somaliland's Constitution is the country's supreme law. It declares clearly that the country's political system is open to all citizens, and that everyone has the right to participate in accordance with the constitution's provisions. Many people desire political associations to establish, but the...