Somaliland President and UK Minister Discuss Upcoming Elections and Las Anod Situation

Somaliland President and UK Minister Discuss Upcoming Elections and Las Anod Situation
Somaliland President and UK Minister Discuss Upcoming Elections and Las Anod Situation

By M.A. Egge

The President of the Republic of Somaliland Musa Bihi Abdi held a virtual video conference with the Minister of State for Development and African Affairs of the UK Government Andrew Mitchell whereby they discussed the situation in Las Anod and Somaliland elections.

Somaliland’s President briefed the British minister on the real situation of the Las Anod while emphasizing the government’s repeated stance on the way forward of achieving lasting peace.

He underpinned the fact that the state has always stood for unconditional ceasefire to facilitate a lasting solution given the people of Somaliland in Lasanod will always reconcile on what happened.

He however underpinned the fact that what is important is that the international community sees to it that the Puntland-Somalia administration withdraw its troops completely from Las Anod and the borders of Somaliland.

He noted that the presence of the Puntland-Somalia army in the area was a major obstacle that curtailed and undermines the efforts of attaining peace.

He said that the foreign militia that has flooded the country with the aim of dismembering the territorial borders may set a dangerous precedent for the whole continent of Africa and that Somaliland has all the rights to defend its integrity.

On the other hand, the President briefed the Minister of State on the electoral activities, saying that the government has already prepared the expenses related to the elections, especially for the distribution of voter cards due slated in June.

It will be distributed by the National Elections Commission.

He also said that the government is ready for its role in the elections, especially the elections for official national parties that will be in office for the subsequent decade as per the constitution.

For his part, the Minister of State for International Development and Africa of the UK Government, Mr. Andrew Mitchell, noted that the British government is ready to work with Somaliland on the electioneering processes and finding a solution to the Las Anod issues.

“I spoke to Somaliland President Bihi and raised concerns over the conflict in Las Anod, and delays to elections. The economic potential in Somaliland is huge – but stability is fundamental to success. An immediate ceasefire is needed & an electoral roadmap needs to be published.” Minister Mitchell said

Finally, the meeting discussed the investment cooperation between Somaliland and the British government, and how to dually bolster them.

The President was flanked by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Dr. Isse Keyd Mohamud during the virtual conference.


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