Milton Keynes: Teen sentenced to 11 years for killing student

The trial heard that Ahmednur Nuur did not know his attacker
The trial heard that Ahmednur Nuur did not know his attacker


A teenager who killed a student he had never met before in a fight has been jailed for manslaughter.

Ahmednur Nuur, 16, was stabbed in the back by Justice Will-Mamah as he fled the violence near Milton Keynes College.

Will-Mamah became involved in the fight with Ahmednur’s group, Luton Crown Court heard, with the victim described as “the weakest link”.

The 19-year-old killer, of Bletchley, was sentenced to 11 years in custody.

He was convicted of manslaughter, having been cleared of murder.

After the verdict last year, Ahmednur’s family told the BBC they were “living in a nightmare”, with his sister stating: “He did everything he could possibly do to never, ever have an argument.”

Qorshe Maxamed Miskey Nuur
Image caption,Miskey Nuur, pictured with her mother Qorshe Maxamed, said her brother had “a lot of ambitions”

Ahmednur, a pupil at Walton High School, and a friend went to the college at lunchtime on 11 February 2022 and their group became involved in a fight with Will-Mamah’s.

The court heard that after being put to the ground, Will-Mamah returned with a knife he had taken from another boy.

The defendant, who went to St Paul’s Catholic School, was struck on the forehead with a piece of concrete and was recorded on a resident’s CCTV going after the group.

Ahmednur, who did not throw the concrete, was running away when he was stabbed in the left side of his back and he later collapsed and died.

Ahmednur Nuur
Image caption,Ahmednur Nuur was studying for his A-levels when he was killed

Prosecutor Jane Osborne KC said the reason for the killing was not clear and that Will-Mamah was the only person with a weapon.

One girl described Ahmednur as the “weakest link” as the group ran off when they were threatened with a knife and said he was the only member whose face was not covered.

In mitigation, Lewis Power KC said Will-Mamah, who was on police bail at time of the killing, was “genuinely remorseful and contrite”.

Judge Lynn Tayton KC told Will-Mamah: “Ahmednur Nuur’s family came to the United Kingdom to escape violence in Somalia and find a safe place to live.

“There is now a gap in the lives for the whole family. They are emotionally scarred by what you did.

“No sentence I can impose can assuage their suffering. I am acutely aware they must live with the loss of Ahmednur for the rest of their lives.

“His death has been devastating for his family.”

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