Somaliland: President Bihi Says international terrorism behind Killings in Las Anod

Somaliland president Muse Bihi Abdi
Somaliland president Muse Bihi Abdi

By M.A. Egge

Somaliland president Muse Bihi Abdi on Monday said that it was international terrorism that was behind the situation in Laasanood today, as he launched the implementation of the Somaliland Youth Development Fund at an event held at the Presidential Palace.

The meeting was attended by the Speaker of the parliament, several cabinet ministers, youth affairs stakeholders, MPs, mayors, government officials, members of youth drawn from different regions of the country, community groups, and other honorable guests.

The Head of State encouraged all benefactors to eke in support for the youth fund as he contributed $300,000 to kick-start it with the earmarked 1m dollars needed for the launching. He underscored the importance of bolstering the youth cause in nation-building.

On the other hand, the President who spoke about the problem in Sool region said that foreign hands are behind the problem, saying, “Today’s problem in Lasanood has been caused by international terrorism”.

Talking of the catalyzing factor in the Lasaanod issue, he said that international terrorism had killed 40 people within a period of ten years, in a strategically planned manner to undermine the state and cause mayhem.

“The meeting of traditional leaders in Lasaanod is expected to be as customary for every traditional leadership trend, to perpetuate peaceful coexistence, togetherness, and unity and to uphold and safeguard security,” said the President.

He said that he was hopeful that the traditional leaders meeting in Lasaanood would reach decisions for the benefit of the people and the country of Somaliland.

The President said that the government of Somaliland is ready to discuss everything in a peaceful, fraternal, and in good rapport.

As for the calls of the armed forces to withdraw from the whole of the Sool region, the president said that it was not feasible since the security apparatus in the country had a solemn duty to do for the nation in securing the country’s territorial integrity, ward off foreign attacks or combat terrorism.

Initially, the director of the Somaliland youth development fund Mr. Khadar Ibrahim, explained the different stages of the fund took, updating the audience on the issue at hand

Several speakers followed suit in underpinning the need for the implementation of the youth fund.

Notable speakers were Sports and Youth Minister Hon. Abdirashid Duale Qambi, Minister of Financial Hon. Dr. Saad Ali Shire, the Mayor of the Capital, Cllr. Abdikarim Ahmed Mooge who spoke on behalf of the Mayors of the country, the Chairman of Sonyo, Mr. Bedri Hassan Muhammad, the Executive Director of Nagaad, Nafisa Yusuf and a UN rep Mr. Simon Strachan.

They all emphasized the importance and benefit of the fund for the youth and the nation of Somaliland.


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