Professor Gees urges the fledgling of established democracy and shunning of tribalism

Prof Gees
Prof Gees

By M.A. Egge

Veteran respected politician and politician Professor Mohamed Said Gees has underscored the importance of a peaceful and harmonious setting and called for the shunning of clannish tribalism and the fledgling of democracy as a precursor for progress, such that prosperity may be achieved.

The renowned Prof. Gees gave the sentiments at a national presser whereby he cautioned the media fraternity against reporting in a manner that is divisive and urged them to stick to progressive and ethical dissemination that is constructive to the good of society.

He pointed out malicious and divisive reporting only nurtures anger and enmity hence rendering a nation asunder instead of the required cohesive one.

In the same breath, Prof. Gees called for the shunning of tribalism and clannish tendencies saying that it was detrimental to the larger national aspirations and a bigger picture.

He noted that clan-based issues should be left to be catered for by the customary tenets through the traditional leaders.

Saying that the nation had transitioned into democracy and many elections have so far been held, the electioneering processes established ought to be bolstered and made to fledge for tangible developmental progress and [prosperity may be achieved.

He appealed to the people to register in numbers so that the nation may aspire for a brighter future in charting their destinies justifiably.

He recalled that the country has come from far, rebuilt itself from ruins and that bickering and fighting should be left to history, hence has no room in the nation’s aspirations.

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