Somaliland opposition parties suggest postponing the talks with Somalia

Ucid and waddani

By : Zakeriye ahmed Horndiplomat Correspondent

Somaliland’s opposition parties of Waddani and Ucid suggest postponing the talks with Somalia after meeting with Turkiye and Norway delegates today in Hargeisa, reasoning that Somaliland’s current government led by president Muse Bihi’s mandate expired.

“It is not appropriate to hold talks between Somaliland and Somalia because the current government has expired, and there are serious disputes in Somaliland, so any talks should be postponed after the presidential election”, the opposition parties said in a statement.

The statement of Somaliland opposition parties came when Somaliland’s president Muse Bihi Abdi left for Djibouti after yesterday’s meeting with the Turkiye and Norway delegations.

Somaliland’s President Muse Bihi welcomed the talks between Somalia and Somaliland with conditions, days later when Somalia’s President Hassan Sheikh told Turkiye and Norway’s delegates that his administration is committed to restoring the talks between Somalia and Somaliland.

Somaliland demanded respect and implement all previous agreements and a neutral secretariat for the task. “There must be a clear agenda that defines the conflict between the two parties to discuss the issues at the core of the conflict”, Somaliland added.

In addition, Somaliland requested an international mediation mechanism in the talks which guarantees the implementation of the dialogue results. “There must be essential principles and a code of conduct on which the dialogue process will be based”, Somaliland added.

Previously, Somalia and Somaliland had various failed talks, and both sides accused each other. Somaliland broke away from Somalia in 1991, and Somaliland had functional government bodies and peace stability for over three decades but failed to get international recognition from the world.

There are election disputes in Somaliland right now after president Muse Bihi’s term ended. President Muse will stay in the post until 2024 after the Guurti house of Somaliland parliament has extended president Muse Bihi’s mandate for two more years.

The opposition parties of Waddani and Ucid announced in November that they no longer recognize president Muse Bihi and his government as legitimate. “We recognize Muse Bihi as “the president whose term ended”, and “the chairman of Kulmiye party”, they said in a statement.


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