AU Appoints Mohammed El-Amine Souef as new envoy to Somalia

AU Appoints Mohammed El-Amine Souef as new envoy to Somalia

By:Zakariye Ahmed, Horn diplomat correspondent

African Union Chairperson Moussa Faki Mahamat appoints former foreign affairs minister of Union of Comoros Mohammed El-Amine Souef as the new envoy to Somalia and head of the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia “ATMIS”.

AU Commission Chairperson appoints Mohammed El-Amine Souef as newenvoy to Somalia

The newly appointed envoy, Mohammed El-Amine Souef, replaces Mozambique’s Francisco Madeira, who has been serving this post since 2015.

Somalia’s former Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble expelled Madeira on April 6 on persona non grata after a recorded voice from Madeira came out, talking about elections and the politics of Somalia. PM Roble accused Madiera of engaging in acts incompatible with his status and ordered him to leave Somalia within 48 hours.

But Somalia’s Ex-President, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo, instantly rejected the removal of Madeira. Farmaajo said he had not authorized any action against Madeira and didn’t receive any report from the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Madeira committing acts against the country’s sovereignty in a statement.

Former President Farmaajo said the decision to expel Madeira was issued by an office that didn’t have sole responsibility for making such a crucial decision. Farmaajo instructs the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to convey Somalia’s apologies to the African Union for the illegitimate and reckless decision from what he called “an unauthorized office”.

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