Prof: Sulaiman Ahmed Gulaid; An Admirable Teacher and a Formidable Leader

Prof. Sulaiman Ahmed Gulaid

By: Abdirahman Adan Mohamoud

Prof. Sulaiman Ahmed Gulaid, president of Amoud University retired today from active public service after five decades. He also steps down from university leadership after he delivered 25 years of solid performance with style. He was appointed as university president in 1997, when Amoud was an infant tertiary-level education, shortly after its set up. He then led Amoud towards institutionalization and turned the dream of its founders, supporters and well wishers into reality.

Unlike the modus operandi of today’s many learning centers, Sulaiman and his team created hope for thousands of otherwise despaired generations. The harsh circumstances, unforgiving environment and limited resources at their disposal only solidified their selfless resolve. Amoud University under the leadership of Sulaiman Ahmed Gulaid, as a result, saw growth in every aspect, and came out a leading and celebrated institution of higher learning.

Prof. Sulaiman, the former Dean of Faculty of Education of the Somali National University in Mogadishu, won almost immediately, the hearts and minds of the university stakeholders- students, teaching staff and partners- primarily through his leadership style, exceptional eloquence, ability to persuade and more importantly, self discipline.

Prof. Sulaiman and his team proved wrong to all naysayers, who unceremoniously argued university can only be run and sustained by entities with vast resources. In contrast, they exposed how committed individuals -no matter how resource-constrained-could make difference.

As Amoud University alumni and later a faculty member,I had the privilege to work alongside with Prof. Sulaiman. I witnessed the difficult and bumpy road he steered in a never faltering resolve. I gained first-hand experience of the way he tackled issues, often heads on and always putting the interest of faculty and students first.

He will forever be remembered as a talented, admirable teacher and a formidable leader!


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