Somaliland Opposition Holds Protest to Demand timely Presidential election

Somaliland Opposition Holds Protest to Demand timely Presidential election

By:staff writer

Somaliland Opposition Parties and their supporters held demonstrations in Hargeisa streets demanding timely presidential election as scheduled this November.

The Police reportedly used live ammunition to disperse protesters. At least 3 opposition officials were arrested by the police and others were injured.

The candidate of the Waddani party Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi “Irro” told the media to confirm the arrest of officials of his party and announced another demonstration .

“Demonstrations will officially begin on Saturday in the Six Regions & Districts of the Republic of Somaliland. This morning as we were trying to raise awareness we were used to live ammunition, gas poisoning, arrests, illegal torture & dictatorship. “Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilahi said in twitter

The chairman of  Waddani party Hersi Ali Hassan also confirm the arrest and injured of party officials and MPs.

“Police uses brutality against civilians to forcefully stop their constitutional rights of demonstrating peaceful protests. Theys use live bullets that injured members of elected MPs and senior party officers, We here declare that on comming Saturday, mass peaceful demonstrations will be held all around the regions of the country. See you on Saturday.” Waddani chairman Hersi Ali hassan said on twitter

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