Somaliland: Human Rights Centre Releases  quarterly report January-April 2022

HRC Quarterly Report

This quarterly report covers the general situation of human rights in Somaliland from January- May 2022. It is part of the Human Rights Center’s reports based on information and data gathered to document the general situation of human rights issues in Somaliland. The report will cover and attempt to demonstrate the problems of human rights from updates on cases of arbitrary arrests and freedom of expression.  This report emphasizes the lack of care for rule of law, proper procedural duties and on the verge of complete erasure for freedom of expression, due to authoritarian tendencies in the democratic processes of Somaliland.

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Freedom of expression and free press cases in Somaliland are judged to be in the criminal capacity aspect, despite the constitution clearly stating that these are fundamental rights of a citizen in Somaliland. As such, the Center covers these topics in the hopes for policy reform change and advocacy for human rights in Somaliland.

 This report demonstrates the need for regulation in all departments related to arrests and the justice system in general. From pretrial detention, how police conduct themselves around accused individuals, and the need for regulation from the government, Ministry of Justice, and Ministry of Information to appropriately make judgement on cases related to freedom of expression. Mohammed Ilig and Abdijjabbar Mohammed Hussein have been sentenced to 16 months in prison for breaking news, although court proceedings have shown that they were spreading false and anti-national propaganda, which is the failing of the justice system in Somaliland to properly investigate.

The center is hopeful that recommendations made are taken by the Somaliland government, police force and those in the justice sector.

Yasmin Omar H. Mohamoud
Chairperson of Human Rights Centre


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