Somalia: Two soldiers killed, four wounded in suicide attack in Bosaso

Somalia: Two soldiers killed, four wounded in suicide attack in Bosaso
By: Zakariye Ahmed, Horndiplomat correspondent 
Today two soldiers were killed and four others wounded in a landmine bomb attack targeted a convoy escorting the President Puntland State of Somalia Mr. Said Deni as they were entering the port city Bosaso.
The situation in Bossaso city is tense while the election of 16 seats in the Somali parliament is set to begin in the coming weeks.
Bosaso is the second constituency of Puntland while Garowe, the administrative capital, is the first constituency.
The situation in the city has not been calm since the fighting between the PSF and the Darawish forces in mid-December. In the last three months, there have been almost three explosions in the city.
On the 19th of this month, an explosion took place in Bossaso targeting some key clan elders who came to participate in the electoral process taking place in the town, this attack comes after they expressed concerns about irregularities in the process. This explosion becomes the third one that happens in Bossaso city within three months.
The election will take place in a tent erected inside the airport in Bossaso, Jamaal Mohamed the minister of planning of Somalia told the BBC Somali Service, expressing deep concern about the election in Bossaso.
Al-Shabaab claims responsibility for the bomb explosion targeted the Puntland president’s convoy outside Bossaso today.
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