Dahabshiil Group donates $300K to Assist families Evicted from LasAnod

Dahabshiil Group donates $300,000 to Assist Persons Recently Evicted from Las Anod
Dahabshiil Group as part of its corporate social responsibility is committed to assisting the affected and vulnerable people in Somali-speaking regions made a donation in form of cash.
Persons evicted from Las Anod got a boost Friday with an additional donation of $300,000 by the money remittance company Dahabshiil group of companies.
The company’s regional manager in Bay and Bakool regions Sheikh Ibrahim Ali Abdi said the funds will assist the recently displaced persons who recently arrived in Baidoa.
He added that the cash donation was made by Mr. Mohamed Said Duale the chairman and Mr. Said Mohamed Said,  deputy chairman of Dahabshiil group of companies will be used to resettle those displaced.
South West state officials who attended the donation ceremony thanked Dahabshiil for the gesture.
Mr.  Mohamed Osman Jidoo, the South West Region Minister of Health and member of the resettlement committee speaking during the occasion thanked Mr. Mohamed Said Duale the chairman, and Mr. Said Mohamed Said,  deputy chairman of Dahabshiil group of companies and pledged that the money will be used to assist recently displaced persons.
This is neither the first nor the last Dahabshiil made such donations to victims under similar situations or in times of natural calamities. The Group has a time-tested strategy that has proven not only useful but timely and greatly effective laid down in its very significant corporate social responsibility portfolio. There is hardly an inch in Somali-inhabited areas that had not benefited from Dahabshiil social schemes and relief interventions – directly or indirectly.
Dahabshiil Group comprises Dahabshiil PVT LTD – the money transfer wing which includes the mobile money transfer eDahab, Dahabshil Bank International (DBI) and SOMTEL, a telecommunications service that has captured a subscriber loyalty that will soon take it to the very top among Somali telecom markets.

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