15th Anniversary of Admas University Hargeisa

Dr. Mohamed O. Guudle( PhD)
Dr. Mohamed O. Guudle( PhD)
By: Dr. Mohamed O. Guudle( PhD)
A congratulatory message


Selaam Alaykum!

A warm Greetings from the Heart of the Beautiful Hargeisa Somaliland.

I take great pleasure in extending warm congratulations to  Admas University Hargeisa on the fifteenth anniversary of the University’s founding, this 20th day of September 2006.

I am beyond grateful for having been selected by my peers and the management to represent the university’s Alumni body in its entirety and as well as being a member of the academic society for the past 10-11 years. It has also brought me much pleasure to accept the invitation in sharing celebratory words to commemorate the 15th anniversary of this great institution.

Admas University Hargeisa (AUH) is a home to many students all over Somaliland and neighboring  countries which fosters learning in an enabling environment. There are a number of

available opportunities that allows each individual to stimulate some form of developmental growth both in and outside of the classroom. My 15 years experience at Admas University has been one filled with unimaginable milestones being crossed in the face of undeniable adversities. In a similar light, the university too has had its achievements and breakthroughs.

Admas University Hargeisa celebrates the thousands of graduates who have contributed to the well being in the public sector, in private enterprises , in NGOs both local and international, as goverment and civil servants, enterpreuners , academics, engineers, social scientists, and business men and women.

It is a great significance of this September 20th, this anniversary date is historical. Because on this day 15 years ago, Admas University Hargeisa Was founded as the first private internationally accredited higher education institution in Somaliland.

As an Alumni and member of the academic society of the university, we are indeed the leaders of today and tomorrow for a better subsequent years to come. After 15 consecutive years of standing strong on Admas University Hargeisa’s soil, the university had sowed good seeds and had  fruitful harvests as its reward.  I believe that without a doubt there will be no setbacks so great that student, faculty and administering bodies of this institution are unable to overcome. We are  all equipped with our own prideness and unique set of tools to build Admas University Hargeisa together

Happy 15th anniversary to all

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Mohamed O. Guudle an academic with an expertise in economics and politics. He has Ph.D. from the Department of Political Science and International Relations of Istanbul University. Mohamed’s Ph.D. research is all about ‘International recognition, sovereignty and democracy in the horn of Africa: the case of Somaliland Republic’. Dr. Guudle’s research interests are focused on the political economy of unrecognized states, governance and democracy in the horn of Africa, media politics, politics of human rights, and democratization in Sub-Saharan Africa. You can be reached atmohamedguudle@gmail.com


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