Human Rights Centre condemns the baseless arrest and violence against citizens

Human Rights Center
Human Rights Center
Human Rights Centre condemns the arrest of Aadan Hussein Hashi in Hargeisa. Aadan is a construction worker, who was brutally violated and assaulted by the Somaliland intelligence agency in his workplace. He was arrested on 15, February 2021.
According to the victim’s statement, he was attacked and taken inside the building and was considered loitering.
The incident took place after they questioned him for being outside while he was waiting outside the building he worked on.
Once inside, they questioned him about many things during the attack. After the incidence, the victim went to a police station and lodged a complaint.
While lodging the complaint, he was arrested and held in a detention centre while being in chains. He has been denied his due process, a basic right, and dignity that belongs to a citizen of Somaliland, according to the Bill of Rights in the Somaliland Constitution and international humanitarian law, which is severely lacking at this point since the victim has been held for more than three months.
He has been charged by the Military court of the Somaliland National Security, of which is an unfair treatment and denies his basic right to fair trial as he is a civilian and not a military individual. Based on Article 105, sub one and sub two and article 267 of the Somali Penal Code, he has been accused of instigating a conflict between the intelligence agency and police of where he lodged the complaint.
There have been several other arrests involving forty-three individuals from Borama for wearing Somali flag outfits that contradict the national interest of Somaliland.
The Human Rights Centre vehemently condemns this attack on the victims, as well as the basic rights afforded to him based on the Constitution, which he has not received.
We would like to urge those involved in this incidence to release the victim, allow him the opportunity to receive medical attention and proper care, and a restitution by the offending individuals. The victim needs due process of his case, immediate release and proper care during his time in detention.
As well as we would also like to urge those involved in arresting the individuals with the Somali flag outfits to be released as it violates their right to express their views and contradicts the basic principle of Freedom of Expression entrenched in the Bill of Rights of the Somaliland Constitution.


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