Sonyo hosts Youth-Led Initiative Enhancing Youth awareness on civic engagement

SONYO together with Youth associations organized a Youth-led Initiative aimed to enhance the awareness of youth civic engagement through active citizenship and volunteerism roles. Youth from different institutions, universities participated.
Diverse guests from different governmental entities and international organizations have all attended the event. Among the guests were the Director-General of the Ministry of Education Mr Ahmed Abokor, Director General of the Ministry of Youth and Sports Mohamed Said Abdullahi and the Director-General of the Ministry of Council Relations and Constitutional Affairs Deeqa Abdi Yusuf and other dignitaries.
The Executive Director of SONYO Umbrella, Mr Abdihamid Omer, gave the welcoming remarks as well as outlined the aims of the meeting. Mr Abdihamid Omer has briefly expounded on the SONYO’s commitment to the development and encouragement of youth in patriotic issues.
“Sonyo Is committed to promote the youth on awareness of civic engagement and search for opportunities, we search of opportunities to enhance the youth role of development and patriotism  .” Abdihamid Sonyo director
Meanwhile, the Chairman Umbrella Youth National Youth Abdicasiis Jama thanked all the participants of the meeting and the chairman urged the participants to play an important role in promoting the country’s development and focus on patriotism.
The meeting was also addressed by the Directors General of the Ministries of Education, Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Constitutional Affairs and other youth and academics and all spoke on the importance of patriotism and the important role that youth should play.
Finally, Sonyo shared with the youth topics related to patriotism and the important role of youth. It also shared the policies, laws and plans of the country that have an impact on the youth.

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