Ethiopia Opens First-Ever Coffee Training Center



Ethiopian officials have today inaugurated the first-ever Coffee Training Center in attendance of members of the diplomatic community and heads and representatives of international partners.

The Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture Oumer Hussien who presided over the inaugural ceremony said the opening of the training centre will have a paramount significance in meeting international export standards and supplying the global market with quality coffee production.

He also said the centre has an indispensable role in promoting an up-to-date coffee management system and producing a competent workforce needed to lead and foster the potentials of the country.

Oumer underscored that the centre will help to improve the sustainability and inclusiveness of the Ethiopian Coffee value chain through Private and Public Partnership.

He further thanked UNIDO, IDC and Ernesto Illy Foundation for their support in the establishment of the centre.

Director-General of the Ethiopian Tea and Coffee Authority, Dr. Adugna Debela, to his part, said coffee has given prior attention in the country agriculture sector 10-year perspective plan.

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