UK urges Somalia leaders to return to dialogue based on the 17 September agreement

UK statement on Somalia election negotiations by : British Embassy Mogadishu
For the sake of Somalia’s security, stability and development, it is vital to hold consensus-based elections as soon as possible. The United Kingdom notes President Farmajo’s decision to return to dialogue with Federal Member State leaders based on their 17 September agreement, which is the only route endorsed by the Federal Government of Somalia and all Federal Member States.
We commend Prime Minister Roble and the Federal Member State leaders for rejecting a mandate extension. We now call on the President and Federal Member State leaders to engage urgently in talks without preconditions. They should come prepared to make necessary compromises and negotiate in good faith.
We are gravely concerned that failure to move quickly towards elections could lead to greater insecurity, in Mogadishu and elsewhere, and have serious humanitarian consequences. Violence in Mogadishu has already displaced tens of thousands. Drought compounds the risks to civilian lives and livelihoods.
We call on all security forces in the capital to refrain from violence and maintain calm. It is imperative that the security forces focus their efforts on countering the common enemy of Al Shabaab ensuring that it does not exploit this period of political uncertainty.


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