IGAD welcomes Return to Dialogue among Somalia Stakeholders

IGAD commends Dialogue between Somalia and Somaliland
IGAD welcomes the Somali leader’s consensus to proscribe extension of mandate of the Executive and Parliament.
IGAD reiterates the centrality of constructive and inclusive dialogue as an essential prerequisite for a comprehensive settlement of all outstanding issues.
To this end, IGAD calls upon all stakeholders to move rapidly to conclude the implementation framework of the 17th September Agreement through an inclusive and transparent dialogue that prioritises the popular aspiration of the Somali people for peaceful, inclusive and credible elections without further delay.
IGAD strongly urges all Somali leaders to exercise maximum restraint and refrain from any actions that will lead to further escalation of violence. All parties should ensure protection of lives, properties and civilian institutions.
IGAD appeals to the international community to provide humanitarian assistance to the displaced persons following the recent violence in Mogadishu.

IGAD  will continue to support the Somali people in their quest for peace, democracy and stability.


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