Somaliland military court sentences Army General to 2 years in prison

General Jama Mohmud Adan aka “Dolal”
General Jama Mohmud Adan aka “Dolal”

By: Staff reporter

a military court in Hargeisa has on Sunday sentenced General Jama Mohmud Adan aka “Dolal” to two years in prison for making contact with someone in Mogadishu.

The military court has also dropped national treason charges against General Dolal after the court could not verify the accusations.

Somaliland security forces arrested the general in a march on charges of contact relative in Mogadishu, family members protest the charge of the general and calls the government to release him.

“I’m the daughter of General dolal I call the president to release my father and this is an unlawful sentence because they sentenced him without any evidence against him, his health is not good,” said Hinda Jama dolal the daughter of arrest general


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