Somali Parliament Extends presidential term for two years

By: Staff writer
Somalia parliament votes to extend President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo‘s government mandate for two years. 149 MPs voted by a show of hands to approve. One-man, One vote elections to be held in under 2 years.
 The resolution gives National Independent Electoral Commission Somalia to hold elections in not more than 2 years; federal government branches to continue functioning during the two year period.
Somalia President Mohamed Abdilahi Farmajo President welcomes the lower house’s decision on extension of the mandate of the federal government institutions
“President farmajo urges the Citizens to seize the historic chance to choose their destiny as the House of the People voted to return the mandate of the election to the people. This followed after the failure of FMS members to support the implementation of the initial Sep 17, 2020 Agreement,” said Villa Somalia statement
Earlier today, Mogadishu’s police chief announced he had suspended parliament on Monday, saying he was acting unilaterally to prevent lawmakers from extending the president’s term, only to be fired moments later by the police commissioner.
Former Somalia leader and chairman of the opposition presidential candidates Sharif Sheikh Ahmed has welcomed the decision taken by Mogadishu police chief Sadiq John to block a session of Parliament whose members’ mandate has expired.
The chaos underscores the widening divisions within the Horn of Africa’s security services overextending the four-year term of President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, who faces growing pressure to quit after his term as national leader ended.
Parliament was supposed to elect a new president on Feb. 8, but the exercise was delayed because new lawmakers have yet to be picked by elders.
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