Op-Ed: International Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day
By: Abdiaziz Ali Hussein
On February 21 of every year, the world celebrates Mother Language Day. The idea of celebrating International Mother Language Day was the initiative of Bangladesh. It was approved at the 1999 UNESCO General Conference and has been observed throughout the world since 2000.
I am very proud that I ow and speak one of the rich languages in the world, Af-Soomaali.
The ocean Somali Arts and literature wisdom took a major role in the development of the Somali languagegege.
Many attributes capture their identity of the who People who speak Af-Soomaali language, however, none seem so deep and abiding as these two: constant hyper anxiety over scarce rainfall, and uncommon talent in poetic composition and artistic performance.
The first underscores the ecological brittleness of the Sahel landscape; the latter points towards Somali aesthetic creativity.
Historically known as a ‘nation of bards’, iconic Somali poets include the likes of Raage Ugaas, an erudite composer in the 1800s versed in local folklore.
In the 1900s, figures such as Mohamed Abdille Hassan, Abdillahi Sultan “Timacade” and Abdullahi Maalin Ahmed “Dhoodaan” were exemplars of bold nationalist, perspectives, supremacy in vocabulary, and storytelling rich in analogic thought and imagery.
Today, I know what it means to access education in your mother tongue. Globally 40 per cent of the population does not have access to an education in a language they speak or understand. Thanks to Gudigii Qortay Af-Soomaaliga who made it possible to access my early education in my mother tongue.
I writing this small piece just to inform people like you who may not aware of the existence of this day, Mother Language Day and to celebrate this day by letting you know one thing and two about the rich Mother language is speak, Af-Soomaali.
I am concluding my piece a some of the poam that Abwaan Cabdulqadir Xirsi Yamyam composed when Somali alphabet was written.
Talo Murugtay
Meel La Iskujabay
Oo Mixinadi Taalo
Nimaan Male Aqoonbaa Diloo
Marin Abaalkeede
Garta Macallinka Weeyoo
Mudan Afkeenaa Leh
Pieces I sited are below.
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Abdiaziz Ali Hussein is a writer, Educationist, award-winning campaigner and education advocatete. Mr Ali lives Jigjiga, Ethiopia and can be reached through abdiaziz172@gmail.com


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