Somalia leaders begin 3-day summit to find consensus on election

Somalia leaders meet to end election stalema
Somali president, prime minister and regional leaders met in the central town of Dhusamareb on Wednesday, starting a three-day summit to end political stalemate and find consensus on the delayed election.
President Mohamed Abdullah Mohamed, Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble and regional leaders, including Puntland President Said Dani and Jubaland leader Ahmed Mohamed Islam Madobe, are discussing the next election to finalize the September election model agreement signed by the central government and the federal member states.
The northeastern Puntland state and southern Jubaland state opposed the previous election agreement.
Opposition presidential candidates in a statement Tuesday warned the Somali president against creating more conflicts in order to extend his term.
They demanded the conference must include representatives of the breakaway northern region of Somaliland, candidates and members of civil society who are concerned about the holding of elections.
Somali president called the conference after international community pressured him to meet regional leaders and resolve the election deadlock.
In a statement last Friday, international community called for a single agreed-upon election process with the protection of political space and media freedom in the Horn of Africa country.


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