Somalia welcomes ceasefire declaration in Libya

Libya flag
By: Staff Writer
Somalia has welcomed a declaration announced by the Libyan House of Representatives for a ceasefire and cease of military operations in all Libyan territories.
The following statement was issued today by the Somalia Foreign Affairs Ministry.
The Federal Republic of Somalia government warmly welcomes the “important consensus” announced by the Government of National Accord of the State of Libya and the House of Representatives on 20 August, which aims at an immediate ceasefire, the suspension of all military operations in all Libyan territories, and the activation of the political process in the country to reach Towards a permanent and comprehensive solution to end the fighting and conflict and to achieve security and stability for the brotherly Libyan people.
The Somali Federal Government considers this declaration a correct and constructive step in the right direction, and advocates:
  • All parties in Libya need to adhere to it and implement it on the ground in order to preserve unity, sovereignty, and action Together, in harmony and complete harmony, the United Nations helped turn the pages of conflict by compromise and voluntary disputation in favor of Libya.
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