White House national security council praises Taiwan-Somaliland Relations

Taiwan and Somaliland to set up representative offices: Taiwan MOFA
Taiwan and Somaliland to set up representative offices: Taiwan MOFA

By: MoDuale

The White House National Security Council praises Taiwan’s diplomatic engagement in East Africa” Somaliland”.Horndiplomat reports

“Great to see Taiwan stepping up its engagement in East Africa in a time of such tremendous need. Taiwan is a great partner in health, education, technical assistance, and more!” said on Friday via NSC’s official Twitter account.

The NSC tweet also linked to a July 6 Associated Press article on the establishment of ties. The article noted that Taiwan was able to score a rare diplomatic victory by establishing relations with the independent region of Somaliland.

Meanwhile, The tweet comes a day after The Chinese government opposes the establishment of diplomatic ties between Taiwan and Somaliland.

On July 1Somaliland and Taiwan announced on July 1 an agreement to exchange Representative Offices. Both Taiwan and Somaliland have now appointed representatives to each other’s capital.

Once the offices are set up, the two sides will cooperate in the fields of agriculture, mining, fishing, energy, public health, education, and information technology, Wu said.

Four senior Taiwanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs officers will be initially assigned to the Taiwan Representative Office in Somaliland, according to Wu. However, it is still uncertain when the office will be officially opened due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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