Op-Ed: The Somalia all Somalis want

The somalia we want is not a difficult question after all , the actual question is how to get to the somalia we want, what pragmatic steps we need to get to there.
In my view is simply a Somalia of ACCOUNTABILITY.
The government and the citizens have clearly defined roles that aid in the prosperity of the nation , each party should be held accountable.
“Five frogs sat on a log at the edge of a pond. Four of the frogs decided to jump into the pond. How many frogs were left sitting on the log?
Answer : Five.
Deciding to jump in and actually jumping are two different things! You have to DO it. Be accountable “
Somalis are reselient , hardworking and enterprising people and are capable of achieving any heights if they can manage to create an environment of accountability. i.e an individual commits crimes against humanity , economy , multiple treasonous act and still elected to a political office or appointed head of government instititions. Key reason ? He is rich , His tribe commands notable influence , thats a strong qualification for him to be elected or appointed.
At one point in my life time , am looking forward to see a somalia government that cushion the inability of its citizens to provide for themselves, particularly in the vulnerable conditions of youth, old age, sickness, disability and unemployment due to economic forces beyond their control.
A government that protect its citizens from violence and from the worst vicissitudes of life.
A government that will devote its efforts to rapid development of infrastructure (roads, railways, electricity, water), and essential services (education, health etc) and leave the private sector to drive the rest.
A government that will redefine to a sensible land policy that optimises land use in Somalia ; and an incentive scheme that helps to utilise the large tracks of fertile land all over the place to make Somalia self-sufficient in food .
A somalia where , any somali can own property anywhere, live anywhere in this beautiful country and sleep soundly at night.
A somalia that will have its priorities right whether donor driven or not.
A government that assumes that the citizens can solve themselves more efficiently and effectively than government can provide for them,
A government that will invest not only in the cultivation of citizen capabilities, but also in the provision of the resources and infrastructure to allow citizens to succeed at scale.
Mandatory youth service.
In the same spirit of driving a sense of patriotism and young people genuinely interacting in a meaningful way beyond their localities, I would look forward to a Somalia that introduces compulsory youth service before any citizen is offered permanent employment.
Ultimately I look forward to a Somalia where institutions work and the heads in these institutions are not beholden to the Government of the day.
In conclusion;
all the suggestions made above, none requires a big conference to debate. They are all just do it and we shall be off to creating a Somalia every somali and Horn of Africa will be proud of.
About Author
Abdiaziz Daud Ali, Researcher , Financial & Governance consultant


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