Somaliland Community in Uganda celebrates 60th Independence Anniversary

Somaliland Community in Uganda celebrates 60th Independence Anniversary

The Somaliland Community in Uganda celebrates their 60th Independence Anniversary 26th June 2020 – National Day for Somaliland and not for Somalia of any kind.
“The Somaliland Representative in Uganda would like to send sincere congratulations to the Somalilanders living in the Republic of Uganda, and wish best of luck to the Republic of Somaliland and to the people of Somaliland wherever they stay on this crucial occasion.”

“The Somaliland community members of Somaliland nationals resident in Kampala and in the other regions of the Republic of Uganda including families, students, businesspeople, Expatriates working for regional and international organizations as well as Somaliland-Ugandan members, Ugandan friends of Somaliland and other community groups are celebrating this 60th Anniversary of independence, June-26-2020 corresponding to 60 years before when Somaliland received independence from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 26 June 1960. My fellow citizens of Somaliland living in Kampala or saying in the other regions of this friendly African country, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. We are celebrating at homes, at our business places, by putting up our flags on top of our buildings, through using social media and via every way possible as gathering and events cannot be held due to the Pandemic Covid-19. Our this year’s Theme is “Somaliland Recognition First.”

“As a country and the nation of Somaliland in the Horn of Africa, we have two independence days in two consecutive months being May and June. The first we are celebrating today is 26 June when the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland granted independence to the British Protectorate on June 26 1960. The second is when the people of Somaliland recuperated and asserted independence from Somalia on May 18, 1991 after decades of injustice, oppression, genocide and brutality against the people of Somaliland. Both are momentous and very significant in the history of Somaliladers wherever they stay in the world.
Somaliland was an independent, sovereign state before it entered into the failed union with
Somalia on a dubious legal basis on July 1st 1960 just days after receiving independence and again regained its sovereignty on May 18 1991.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to call for the Republic of Uganda, East Africa Community, IGAD, AU, and all Africans, regional, continental and the international Community to recognize this most deserving African Nation, Republic of Somaliland which will not only help our people  to prosper but also will bring peace, development and prosperity to the region, to Africa and to the world as we have already been playing key roles in the regional cooperation towards peace and security, combating terrorism, piracy and human trafficking. Recognizing Somaliland would even be imperative solution to the chaotic issues of our neighboring country because we share more common and culture than any other parties but should Somalia make out more expediency of this and the independent Somaliland for them than wasting time on the failed unity dialogue of which probability to bring back will ever be unforeseen.

“Every country commemorates its independence anniversary and the other days historic and momentous for them as part of their history. In this respect, 26 June is the National Independence Day of Somaliland and not for Somalia of any kind. It is well known that the Trust Territory of Somalia (Formerly Italy colonized Somalis) received their independence from Italy on July 1st 1960. Therefore, it is very shame on Somalia Government to celebrate 26 June as their national day which is exactly for them celebrating national day of other country.”


Amb Hamse Haji Dool
Somaliland Representative in Uganda

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