Somaliland office in Kenya to Host Somaliland at 60 via Teleconference

Somaliland Liaison office in Kenya is hosting Teleconference Meeting on 60 years of Somaliland Achievements

By: Staff Writer

Somaliland Commemorates 60 Years of Independence from British rule giving it a place in history as it becomes among the 17 African countries that gained Independence in 1960. That pivotal year is known as the “Year of Africa” as it saw several African countries attain their independence.

In commemoration of that day, the Somaliland Liaison office in Kenya is holding a webinar to re-cap and share the remarkable strides achieved by Somaliland. These will include its history, peacebuilding, state-building and democratisation efforts that have been accomplished in these years. These strides have of course been arduous against the backdrop of the lack of international recognition in spite of Somaliland’s declaration of independence from Somalia decades ago. The successes have been achieved on the backbone of patriotism, nationalism and sacrifice on the part of Somaliland & its people.

The main topics of discussion to be had during the webinar include but not limited to:

1. The historical existence of Somaliland under British Protectorate during the partition of Africa in 1884, the union with Somalia and the challenge that arose.

2. The breakaway from Somalia and restoration of independence of Somaliland.

3. The role of the AU and IGAD in Somaliland’s democratisation and way forward

4. The United States government involvement in talks between Somaliland and Somalia, the U.S’s strategic interest in Somaliland and more.


1. Dr Edna Adan, former Foreign Affairs – Minister of Somaliland
2. Amb. Mahboub Maalim, Former Executive Secretary – IGAD
3. Michael Rubin, Horn of Africa Analyst & Resident Scholar – America Enterprise Institute
4. Michael Walls, Director of Africa Research Institute
5. Matthew Bryden, Director of Sahan Research
6. Dr Jama Musse Jama, Dir. Hargeisa Culture Centre
7. Abdirahman Ismail, Consultant, Energy Sector

WHAT: Somaliland At 60 Webinar
DATE: Friday 26th June 2020,
TIME: 2:00 PM Eastern Africa Time (GMT+3:00)

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