The European Union and young Somali artists come together to combat Covid-19

The European Union and young Somali artists come together to combat Covid-19

In a bid to fight the spread of COVID-19, the EU Delegation to Somalia is joining hands with young Somali artists to create awareness about the pandemic in Somalia. In the coming weeks, it will feature artwork on its social media accounts that documents life during the pandemic and illustrates much needed behaviour change among the public.

Somali youth and artists have a crucial role to play in the Covid response, underlines the EU Ambassador Nicolas Berlanga-Martinez. The fight is not only a fight against Covid-19, it is also a fight against misinformation, rumours and stigma around the disease. With their voice and talent, youth and artists can share crucial information, within their community but also among their fans, to engage with a large audience in response to the crisis. The EU recognises this potential and seeks to amplify their voices by displaying and supporting their work.

In cooperation with award-winning youth leader and Doctor of Optometry, Adnan Abdo Mohamed, the EU Delegation will collaborate with youth and art organisations across the country to collect artworks and feature them on its social media accounts with the hashtag #Farshaxan. It will reflect the work of different artists from very different regions, starting with visual artist Nujuum Ahmed Hashi from Mogadishu.

For more information, contact:

-Kalson Abdi: sends e-mail)

-Adnan Abdo Mohamed: sends e-mail)


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