Somalia, Somaliland Agree not politicize development assistance and investment- communique


By: MoDuale

Technical committees comprised of members of the two delegation to resume talks between Somalia and Somaliland in Djibouti, according to communique issued by the host country. Somalia and Somaliland agreed not to politicize development assistance and investment.


Held a consultative summit meeting in Djibouti on June,14th 2020, in order to help the two leaders from Somalia and Somaliland to resume dialogue on the relationships between the two countries.

The leaders recognize the impoftance of Djibouti’s role inpeace building and peace making in the region.

Prior to this historic event, Several rounds of negotiations were undertaken in the past with little progress.

The President of Somalia and the President of Somaliland have come to an understanding that a technical committee comprised of members of the two delegations will resume.

the talks between the two sides and a lso follow up the pending issues already agreed upon.

The two parties agreed not to politicize development assistance and investment.

The summ it proposed Djibouti as the venue of these technical meetings.

It is paramount that the two peoples interests remain at the center of the process.

The summit urges all regional, continental and international organizations to bring their support to this process.

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