Somaliland Receives Medical supplies From RAK Gas LLC to tackle Covid_19

Somaliland Receives Medical Supplies From RAK Gas LLC
Somaliland Receives Medical Supplies From RAK Gas LLC

By: Jama Farah, Horndiplomat contributor

The Ministry of Energy and Minerals (MoEM) received from RAK Gas LLC and Rak Chamber of Commerce & Industry COVID 19 combating support materials including 1,000 pcs of protective overall and 800 N95 masks. This was the first shipment of materials support and it is part of the company’s corporate social responsibility(CSR).

The director-general of the ministry of Energy Mr. Mohamed Yusuf handed over the materials to the Ministry of Health Development. “The Supplies include 1000 COVID-19 rapid testing kits, 800 face masks, gloves, sanitizers, other emergency staff, we will continue to strengthen our efforts to fight the disease and very soon we,” said Mr.Yusuf

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In March 2014, The United Arab Emirates’ RAK Gas has signed an oil and gas production sharing agreement with the government of  Somaliland.

in mid-2019; RAK Gas carried out a microseepage survey in the western parts of Block SL9; in order to minimize the risks of drilling exploration wells in that block, while Genel energy implemented another kind of seepage analysis called macroseepage in late 2019; also to de-risk drilling wells and better understand the seismic data results.

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