Somaliland lifts ban on Khat amid growing COVID 19 cases

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By: Jama Farah, Horndiplomat contributor

The government of Somaliland has lifted a ban it had imposed on the use, importation, and sale of Khat, a step that was initially taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The lifts ban of the Khat has effective on Sunday, 17 May.

On April 23, the government of Somaliland banned Khat in the duration of the holy month, Ramadan, a statement by Somaliland’s preparedness committee for COVID-19 is said.

Government officials and major Qat traders agreed to stop temporarily during Ramadan. Governors and police across the country are ordered to halt any illegal entry and burn the merchandise.

Guleid Ahmed Jama Founder of Human Rights Centre Somaliland and attorney at Xaqdoon law firm has commented on the government’s decision to lifts ban on khat.

“Somaliland government lifted the temporary ban on Khat. Many people are in prison serving years for violating the ban amid of #COVID-19 outbreak in which populating prisons isn’t a good policy. Police took private vehicles without due process of law. What will be their fate?” said Guleid Ahmed Jama 

Somaliland health ministry on Sunday confirmed 16 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total tally of infections to 103. Somaliland has conducted a total of 626 COVID-19 tests so far with 8 Deaths & 8 recoveries.

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