Somaliland Warns International Partners against any intention that violates its sovereignty

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Horndiplomat-Somaliland warns International partners against any intention that violates Somaliland’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.Horndiplomat Reports 

The Government of Somaliland has reacted the recent joint press statement on 25 February 2020 on Somalia’s electoral law by its international partners.

“The Government of the Republic of Somaliland, in light of a recent joint press statement in January 28, 2020,25 February 2020 on Somalia’s electoral law by its international partners, would like to caution the international community against any interventions in the region that risk compromising Somaliland’s hard-earned, lawful and legitimate sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence.”Statement says

“Somaliland’s vibrant and well-functioning democratic system of governance, which has taken root in the country over the past three decades, derives its highest authority and legal force solely from the Constitution of the Somaliland Republic, which alone reflects the democratic will and self-determination of the Somaliland people. In other words, it is unfortunate that the press statement released by the international community seeks to incorporate East Africa’s strongest democracy (Somaliland) into Somalia’s experimental and unresolved electoral process.”Statement

On February 25, Somalia’s international partners* recognize the responsibility accorded to the National Independent Electoral Commission (NIEC) to implement the electoral law and stress the urgency of all Somali stakeholders – including the Federal Government of Somalia, Federal Member States, the Federal Parliament, and political parties – to cooperate with and support the NIEC as it embarks on the task of implementing the electoral law.

The partners recall their many discussions with the Speakers of both Houses of the Federal Parliament, as well as the NIEC, the President and the Prime Minister, during which they drew their attention to aspects of the law that need to be clarified.  These include the identification of constituencies and allocation of seats to the constituencies, identifying which seats in Parliament will be reserved for women to ensure a minimum 30 per cent representation, modalities for electing the seats allocated for Somalilanders, and the representation of residents of the Benadir region in the Parliament.  The partners call on the Federal Parliament, in collaboration with the NIEC, and in consultation with the Federal Government of Somalia, the Federal Member States and other stakeholders, to resolve these urgently.

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