Somaliland:Effective Government Communications Towards The Public


By Hussein Adan Igeh (Deyr)

We live in an era where the digital revolution has an incredible impact on our daily life. The digital technology has ENABLED people around the world TO BECOME WRITERS, REPORTERS, CONTRIBUTORS AND ANALYSTS WITHOUT BORDERS. We live in a global village where journalism became an activity for everyone! It is also an indisputable fact that the digital revolution has led to a more aggressive and brutal situation. There are at the moment a lot of ethically and socially improper media trends.

In the current media-sensitive world and digital global society; an efficient and responsible government communications strategy (to and from the public) is vital for every democratically elected government.

If the current government wishes to get involved and interact with the Somaliland public in a favourable way, it must know how to engage in and communicate with the media in a smart and constructive way.

MAXIMIZING THE IMPACT OF FAVORABLE news, messages and events; and at the same time MINIMIZING THE IMPACT OF UNFAVORABLE news and messages is a very effective communication strategy towards the public.

The current government needs to ensure that its communications strategies and public relations towards the citizens are made in the most appropriate style and timing, and through the most appropriate channels.

Through efficient communications strategy towards the Somaliland public, the government can initiate and implement effective and intellectually well-constructed debates for the following purposes:

1. To exemplify and underline the practical importance of maintaining our nation’s unity;

2. To breed a sense of nationhood, citizenship and tolerance among Somaliland public;

3. To combat the chronic and incurable clan mentality among Somaliland society;

4. To build public awareness where the citizens are encouraged to stick on the truth and integrity of the various information sources /news they receive every day.

Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh (Deyr),

 Hargeisa, the Republic of Somaliland.



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