Somaliland: Ethiopia’s regional states delegation paid a visit to Berbera

Somaliland: Ethiopia's regional states delegation paid a visit to Berbera

By: Jama Farah, Horndiplomat contributor

Ethiopia‘s Somali and Oromia regional states delegation paid a visit to Berbera, Somaliland. Horndiplomat reports

The Ethiopian delegation accompanied by the Somaliland Deputy minister of foreign affairs Liban Yusuf Osman and other government officials.

The Delegation met the CEO of DP World Berbera Supachai Wattanaveerachai and also toured the Port expansion activities and expressed its importance for both countries’ relations.

Somaliland: Ethiopia's regional states delegation paid a visit to BerberaOn December 25, 2019, Somali and Oromia regional states delegation arrived in Somaliland to attend industrial production fair.

The Somaliland representatives to Ethiopia Yusuf Mohamed gullied has welcomed the Ethiopian delegation to Somaliland and had told that the goal behind their visit.

“The Ethiopian delegation has attended Somaliland’s industrial expo to promote the economic integration between the two countries,” said Yusuf gulled Somaliland representatives to Ethiopia

Ethiopia is Somaliland’s key ally in the horn of Africa. The two countries have partnered with the DP World and the government of the United Arab Emirates to rebuild the port of Berbera which plays a key role in the maritime connections between the horn and the middle east.

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Ethiopia owns 19 per cent shares of the Berbera Port, Somaliland has 30 per cent, while DP World enjoys a 51 per cent stake.

The UAE and the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development Construction company are also building a 250-kilometre dual carriageway between the city of Berbera and the Ethiopian border town of Togochale.

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