Somaliland sends first humanitarian Aid to Beledweyne

Somaliland sends first humanitarian mission to Beledweyne

By:Jama Farah, HornDiplomat Contributor

Somaliland sends delegation with relief aid for supporting the victims of the flooding in Baledwayne.

The Committee has collected about $600,000 donated by the people and the government of Somaliland .

On November 6,2019, Somaliland government had announced that it would participate in the international efforts to provide humanitarian aid to Beledweyne, which has been hit by Floods across most of Somalia’s south-central regions.

Heavy rains in late October have caused widespread flooding in Somalia, displacing close to 270,000 people. The worst affected region is Hiiraan, in central Somalia, where Beledweyne district is flooded. People there have left their homes and have gone to seek shelter in higher areas.

In 2011, a humanitarian delegation from Somaliland donated relief aid for 9,000 drought-displaced families in the Somalia capital, Mogadishu

Somaliland sent food aid and other non food items to its Somali brothers affected by the famine in Somalia that time.

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