Somaliland: Int’l Partners Praise the proposal of the mediation committee

Somaliland: Int'l Partners Praise the proposal of the mediation committee

By: MoDuale

High-level International partners who support Somaliland’s democratization process visited Somaliland for talks related to Somaliland upcoming elections.

The delegation met with the Mediation Committee, political parties and representatives of civil society organizations.

The international partner’s delegation backed the proposal of the mediation committee issued on the dispute about the newly formed Somaliland National Election Commission.

According to Nicolas Berlanga EU Ambassador to Somalia, the proposal of the mediation committee is a good step forward.

“I would like to praise the extraordinary work done by the mediation committee proposing a way forward towards the much needed parliamentary and local elections in Somaliland. Partners are happy to support the work of the committee and encourage the implementation of the agreement” Said Berlanga

On December 16, 2019, The Mediation Committee tasked to find a common ground between Somaliland government, the ruling Kulmiye party and the two main opposition parties have issued several resolutions which will bring an end to the protracted political impasse in the state.

“We propose that commissioners whose term had just ended be reinstated once more. The incumbent commissioners have taken up office amid controversies that do not augur well for timely elections,” the Chairman of the voluntary committee drawn up from, mainly, the business committee and nationally prominent elders, stated at a press conference it held Monday.

“We, also, believe that the dissolved NEC members had the right requisites to hold another credible election due to their experience and know-how on the techniques and technicalities involved in a highly technical field,” the Committee added.

The Committee urged all stakeholders to avoid media statements and utterances which could potentially further ignite incendiary issues, adding fuel to the fire. The Committee specifically directed its advice on opposition parties a number of whose members have made, of recent, a habit of calling for measures some of which questioned the very statehood of the nation.

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