SOLJA Hosts the 4th Somaliland Media Summit and Announced the winners of annual awards



The 4th Somaliland Media Summit (SMS)  and Awke Media Award arranged by Somaliland Journalist Association (Solja) held at Mansor hotel, Hargeisa.Horndiplomat Reports

The two-day Somaliland Media Summit attended by Somaliland Vice President, Ministers of Information, telecommunication, Political parties and over 120 Journalist across Somaliland.

The Somaliland Media Summit discussed the press freedom and freedom of expression of Somaliland’s journalist.

“We are committed for promoting the freedom of the Somaliland media, and to improve the quality and knowledge of the media” Said Yahye Mohamed Abdi Executive Director of Solja

The Director of Somaliland’s Journalist association (Solja) Yahye Mohamed Abdi thanked Free Press Unlimited and Ministry of Information of their support of this conference. “thanking towards Free Press Unlimited who have supported this Summit and Ministry of Information as well.”

Yahye Mohamed Abdi Executive Director of Solja
Yahye Mohamed Abdi Executive Director of Solja

The Somaliland Minister of information Mohamed Muse Direi has promised his  government to pass Somaliland’s media bill

“Somaliland media law is on the verge completion and will be submitted to the ministerial cabinet” Minister of information Hon Mohamed Muse Direi

Minister Dirie added

“Somaliland government will support 50,000 to promote School of journalism at the University of Hargeisa” Minister Derie

Meanwhile, Somaliland opposition parties have criticized the government of unprecedented suppression of free media.

“I condemn the increase of detentions to the journalists in the past two years, we call the government to stop the detentions of the journalists.” Khadar Hussein Abdi Wadani Secretary

Winners of Awke media awards 2019,
Winners of Awke media awards 2019,

SOLJA announced the winners of 9 journalists who have achieves Awke media awards 2019, Awke award is an acknowledgement of journalists who have published, broadcasted and aired Social issues including health, education and any non-political program to shift journalists attention from political reporting to developmental reporting.

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