India is ready to work with Somaliland to help improve the country’s health sector

India is ready to work with Somaliland to help improve the country’s health sector.


India’s acting High Commissioner to Kenya Asish Sinha says his country will work with Somaliland towards educating medical students from Somaliland and imparting them with necessary skills and at the same time helping equipping Somaliland hospitals.

During a meeting with the Somaliland Deputy Ambassador to Kenya Sharmake Gelle in Nairobi, the Indian High commissioner offered a welcoming move to Somaliland students seeking to take up medicine to enrol in Indian institutions.

“Somaliland needs experts in health and India is ready to work with the country to equip young medics,” he said

The two envoys also discussed how their countries can engage in trade, basic education and commerce.

“There is so much India can offer our country. India is many miles ahead of us in all aspects of development and we are looking up to them to learn and equip our people,” stated Sharmake.

“One area is in health. India is one of the leading destinations to seek medical care. We not only want our people to seek treatment in India but to have our medical students trained there so that they can come back and practice in our health institutions as doctors and medical officers,” he added.

Somaliland has sought international recognition as an independent state since 1991. No foreign government, including India, recognizes its sovereignty, but many effectively acknowledge the region as separate from Somalia.

Only South Africa, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Belgium, France, South Sudan, Kenya, and the UAE accept the nation’s passport.


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