Somaliland: Sonsaf meets with Speaker of House of representatives

Somaliland: Sonsaf meets with speakers of the house of representatives

By:Madar Duale

Somaliland Civil Society Organizations had a productive meeting with the speakers of the house of representatives for the issue of the New National election committee and how to solve the difference between the parts.

The two sides discussed issues pertaining to the importance of the much delayed Parliamentary and local elections on the democratization latest and the latest developments in the selection of National Election Commissionaires (NEC).

“Had a very productive meeting with the Chairman of the Parliament Hon. Bashe Mohammed Farah and the vice-chairman. The CS committee emphasised the need to establish a credible NEC member & avoiding any violations to Act.20/2001. To further avoid delays to the elections process.”Said Sonsaf Chairman

The meeting comes after Two main Somaliland Opposition parties (UCID and Waddani) had withdrawn their members that they selected to represent at upcoming National electoral commission.

The two Parties expressed concern over the appointment of two members to the election commission by the Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi.

On October 22, Somaliland Civil Society Organizations released Position Paper on upcoming elections and avoiding any disputes that will cause further delays to the elections.

Somaliland Civil Society highlights that any further delay for the Parliamentary and Local elections overshadows the democracy and the integrity of Somaliland. Collectively CSO’s are optimistic that both elections will take place in 2020.

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