Somaliland to set up committee to introduce E-Government

Somaliland to set up committee to introduce E-Government

By M.A. Egge

In an effort to keep up to systemic ultra-modern communication, the government of Somaliland is going electronic.

In being set to establish the E-Government technology program (Somaliland E-Government) in upgrading the state communication system, the telecommunications and technology minister detailed the methodology at an extraordinary 43rd council of Cabinet Ministers meeting at the Presidency under the chairmanship of Somaliland Head of State Musa Bihi Abdi.

He availed the procedures whose technological programs would aid in financial development, promoting social services, devolution of services, human resources and employment, streamlining resources and breaking down of services to optimize output, archiving of information, statistics, legal services etcetera; and most importantly liaise coordination within the government and its various departments.

This is the first time that the E-Government is being introduced in the country.

The cabinet resolved to set up a committee charged with the task. An ICT section will thus be imperative in all major departments.

They noted that the ICT (Information Communication Technology) education should be introduced to the National Curricula.

They further pointed out that the plan was part and parcel of the KULMIYE political pledges hence was at par and in line with the National Development Plan II.

The President was flanked by his Deputy  Abdirahman Abdillaih Ismael.

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