Ethiopia Celebrates Democracy Day

Ethiopia Celebrates Democracy Day


Addis Ababa, September 9, 2019  – As part of the national campaign to spur unity among Ethiopians, celebration of Democracy Day started at the Sheraton Addis hotel this morning.

The six-day campaign was launched last Friday under the theme “celebrating Pagumen with synergy.”

Pagumen is the 13th month of Ethiopian calendar. The Ethiopian calendar has 12 months of 30 days plus 5 or 6 days. The 6th day is added every 4 years. This year, it has six days.

Each day is being celebrated under six pillars of prosperity, peace, national pride, democracy, justice and national unity.

The nation has so far marked days of prosperity, peace and national pride. And celebration of day of democracy is underway with various programs at the Sheraton Addis hotel.

In her opening remark, Deputy Speaker of the House of People, Shitaye Minale, said justice and democratic institutions are undergoing reforms to become impartial.

She also highlighted the need to seize the ongoing reform process as a good opportunity to build democracy in the country.

Works are underway to ensure the participation of all citizens and to build a country that is fit for all, she said, calling upon all members of the society to contribute their share for the success of the plan.

Stressing the importance of accommodating diversity, the Deputy Speaker urged all community members to contribute to the development of democracy.

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