Somaliland president pardons 19 pirates transferred from Seychelles

Somaliland president pardons 19 pirates transferred from Seychelles
By: Hassan Jama, Horndiplomat political editor
Horndiplomat-Somaliland President has granted presidential pardon to 19 ex-pirates transferred from Seychelles. Horndiplomat reports
According to the Presidential statement, Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi has pardoned 19 prisoners who were convicted for pirate acts in Seychelles and were serving their jail terms in Somaliland.
The names of released ex-Somali pirates :
  1. Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Isse
  2. Mr.  Adow Ali Osman
  3. Mr. Abdullahi Yusuf Hirsi
  4. Mr. Ahmed Ali Osman
  5. Mr. Ahmed Ali Said
  6. Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Ali
  7. Mr. Bashir Khalif Hashi
  8. Mr. Abdirisak Mohamed Ali
  9. Mr. Abdifatah Ahmed Hasan
  10. Mr. Nur Mohamed Adan
  11. Mr.  Jamal Mohamed Ali
  12. Mr. Ali Mohamed Ali
13.Mr.  Abdillahi Mohamed Hasan
  1. Mr. Abdi Tahlil Hasan
  2. Mr. Dahir Abdillahi Warsame
  3. Mr. abdikadir Abdi Ali
  4. Mr. Abdinur Haji Adan
  5. Mr.  Mohamed Mohamud Hasan
19) Mr. Abukar Ahmed ISse
91 inmates from Somalia’s Mogadishu
On March 2012, The United Nations has transferred 17 convicted Somali pirates to jail in Somaliland, the first transfers of their kind that could help resolve a dilemma over where to hold criminals seized in international waters.
International navies have been fighting a surge of pirate attacks that have disrupted a vital shipping route off the coast of Somalia and deep into the Indian ocean.

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