Somalia cuts diplomatic ties with Guinea after Highest Reception of Somaliland President

Somali Foreign Minister Ahmed Isse Awad speaks during an interview with Reuters in Mogadishu, Somalia April 20, 2018 REUTERS/Feisal Omar
Somalia cuts diplomatic ties with Guinea, accusing it of violating sovereignty and unity of Somalia. Guinea gave a red carpet welcome this week to the president of Somaliland Muse Bihi Abdi who is visiting Conakry.
Announcement was made by Foreign Minister of Somalia Ahmed Isse Awad following a Cabinet meeting in Mogadishu. Mr. Awad warns other countries against violating the sovereignty and unity of Somalia.
On july 3,Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi arrived to a red-carpet welcome at Conakry International Airport  on a State Visit .
The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Guinea,  Mr Mamadi Toure has welcomed Somaliland delegation at the airport.
Somaliland delegation were later flown to the Presidential Palace, by helicopter.
The visit is a sure sign of Somaliland’s rapid acceptance across the African continent and its growing economic and trading links with other nations.
President Musa Bihi and President Conde pledged to find ways working together in trade and fostering cooperation.
The Somaliland government is steadily building its case for recognition on the basis of trade and business opportunities with its fellow Africans, arguing that an independent Somaliland capable of trading with African and international partners will be a benefit to all and strengthen peace, prosperity and security.
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