Somaliland FM Meets With Permanent Secretary of Kenya’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Saudi Ambassador to Kenya

Somaliland’s Foreign Minister, Yasin Faraton on Thursday met with the Permanent Secretary of Kenya’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Peter Macharia in Nairobi.
The two discussed issues of mutual interest between the two countries and ways of strengthening cooperation.
Meanwhile,The Somaliland Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Yassin Hagi met the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia Dr. Mohammed Khayat at the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Nairobi.
During the meeting The two sides discussed on Saudi Arabia’s new conditions on livestock from Somaliland exported to the KSA on the Hajj time.
Somaliland Foreign Affairs minister and Saudi ambassador also discussed Somaliland-Saudi Arabia cooperations in various sectors such as investments in infrastructure and other various Development Projects for Somaliland.
According to reports coming from the port city of Berbera has confirmed that KSA will only accept livestock exported from Somaliland .
The KSA has rescinded its earlier decision which gave the authority of livestock export to Somalian Federal Gov.
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