29,546 candidates sit for Somaliland National Exams

By: M.A.Egge and MoDuale

Horndiplomat-29,546 student candidates for the primary and secondary national exams sat for their papers, the Somaliland president Musa Bihi Abdi made the unprecedented move of distributing question test papers to the teens, the first fete for a seating Head of State.

The total candidates are 29,546 sitting the national examinations commenced today, 19870 are primary school students, while secondary sitting 9667 students.

While happily distributing the papers at Sh. Ali Ibrahim school the President a jovial tete-a-tete with a seemingly young pupil who stark out of the rest either for his weeny age or size.
The President of Somaliland has visited the school that fondly rekindled his memories 53 years earlier (1966) when he sat for a similar national exam at the same venue, pointing to the class in particular.
He had good words for the students as a whole encouraging them to beat fear and ‘grapple the issues at hand formidably’.
He outlawed the commercialization of education and decried tendencies that private schools take to by dishing out cars as trophies to best students.
He noted that all Somalilander students ought to be treated equally hence declared that the sector would be streamlined to adhere to ethical standards and also lifting up the quality of education.
Saying that the youth today would be the leaders of tomorrow in any given field, he advised them that time flies fast hence named several notable personalities whom they were classmates and others ahead of him.
The President told the students that they were lucky that they today had many aiding tools for education like the internet, something quite different from yester-years when pupils were coached to use their mental capacity excessively.
He revealed that 1300 National Youth Service members were posted to aid in the security invigilating exercise of the examinations.
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