Somaliland delegation meets with International Partners in Nairobi

Somaliland delegation meets with International Partners in Nairobi
Horndiplomat-a large delegation from the two of Somaliland’s political parties, UCID and Kulmiye Arrives in Nairobi on Sunday.
The Somaliland political parties leaders, Kulmiye party chairman Mohamed Kahin Ahmed and UCID party chairman Faisal Ali Warabe held a round table meeting with the European Union stakeholders and international community donors in Nairobi.
Somaliland Delegation Meets with Kenya’s National Assembly Majority Leader 
The Somaliland delegation briefed the attendees’ ambassadors from Denmark, Sweden, Germany, UK and other stakeholders on Somaliland commitment to continue to improve on elections administration and preparations in line with international best practices.
Somaliland Minister of Interior Mohamed Kahin Ahmed handshakes with Denmark Ambassador to Somalia Mettes Knudsen
According to Somaliland representative to Kenya Amb Bashe Awil Haji Omar, The Somaliland delegation reiterated that Somaliland people deserve a well-planned election that is executed meticulously and one that will bring more stability and prosperity to Somaliland.
In April This year, a high-level delegation of international partners led by Denmark Ambassador to Somalia Mette Knudsen as well as representatives of EU, Sweden, Denmark, UK, Norway and Finland visits Somaliland.
The International Partners delegation meets with Somaliland President Muse bihi Abdi and Somaliland political parties, discussed the plans to ensure Parliamentary and local elections by December 2019.
Press Release: High-level visit by international partners to Hargeisa


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