Somaliland: The Chief Justice Receives 24 Participants of 2019 Youth Leadership Program

Horndiplomat-The Chief Justice of Somaliland, Adam Haji Ali Ahmed, today received at his office participants of the Youth Leadership Program, a program which is intended to provide a leadership training to 24 young leaders selected from the six regions of Somaliland in a competitive process. The program aims to help the youth to increase their leadership capacity by giving classes, mentorship and networking. The trainees are aged between 19 to 25. Inspired by the Yali leadership program, the seven days long extensive training intends to help those who have a proven record of positive contributions.
Chief Justice Adam Haji Ali Ahmed welcomed the Young Leaders and encouraged them to improve their leadership skills and to contribute to the development of the country. He gave an introduction on the work and structure of the judiciary as well as his reform agenda.
“My office is always open for the public. I am glad to welcome you in the Supreme Court which is also the Constitutional Court,” the Chief Justice said.
“The youth are the future of the country. Their work and contributions are very important. A leadership program that helps you to learn more on leadership is very helpful,” he added.
The Young Leaders were toured at the different sections and offices of the Supreme Court and met senior court officials and judges.
Field visits are part of the program to show the youth the work of the different organs of the country.
The Youth Leadership Program is hosted by the Centre for Policy Analysis to enhance the leadership capability in Somaliland by supporting the young leaders. This will create Somaliland’s future leaders.
The Chief Justice introduced the role of the judiciary in governance, rule of law, development, and separation of powers. The Chief Justice emphasised women participation in decision making and shared an increase in the number of women in the judiciary.
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