Ethiopian,Kenyan Leaders inaugurate the Debre Birhan Industry Park

Ethiopian,Kenyan Leaders inaugurates the Debre Birhan Industry Park

Horndiplomat-Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, together with Amhara Regional President Gedu Andargachew inaugurated the Debre Birhan Industry Park on the historic day commemorating the Victory of Adwa. The industry park built on a total of 1,100 hectares of land has currently 8 production sheds completed. This joint inauguration, which follows similar ones with the leaders of other East African countries, marks the continued strengthening of relations and regional integration.

The Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in his opening remarks on the occasion of the Victory of Adwa and the inauguration of the Debre Birhan Industrial Park, called upon all to shine the light of love, peace and unity.

He unveiled the 6 pillars of peace, democracy, prosperity, national unity, justice and national pride as the direction the Government will be working on for the next years, highlighting that this will require the tenacity and commitment of all.

President Kenyatta applauded Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed for his leadership in spearheading the changes and committed Kenya’s support to the vision of prosperity and unity in the region.According to Office of the Prime Minister-Ethiopia

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